Matthew Shurka


Yet another false testimony…

Matthew Shurka has testified many times in many states in support of change therapy bans over the last several years. He is supported by some of the largest LGBT activist organizations in the United States. His testimony includes:

  1. Claims he was harmed by change therapy by a licensed therapist in a clinic in the Los Angeles area.

  2. Claims he was forced into professional therapy.

  3. Claims he was prescribed Viagra.

  4. Claims he was told to stay away from his mother.

    Since Mr. Shurka chose to break therapeutic confidentiality, records at the clinic (Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic) were checked by the head of the clinic in 2018.

    There is NO RECORD of Matthew Shurka ever being a client at the TAP Clinic.

    The therapist he describes is NOT authorized to prescribe medications since he is not a psychiatrist.

    Matthew Shurka’s testimony can not be trusted. Use the contact page to ask for verification of these revealing facts. We are happy to send documentation.