The National Center for Lesbian Rights, the largest national lesbian organization, claims to stand up for women’s rights and against the dehumanization of women and rape culture.. But do some members the National Center for Lesbian Rights actually promote sexualized violence against women?

Sam Brinton is an advisory committee co-chair regular contributors and frequent collaborator with the National Center for Lesbian Rights. But actually, Sam is a person who advocates sexualized violence and dehumanization of others, including women. Treating people literally like animals. And you’re about to see why.

Before we get started, I know it may seem confusing that a man would work with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, but keep in mind that Sam sometimes identifies as a woman and sometimes is attracted to women, so from a certain perspective, I guess he could be considered an lesbian.

It was reported in Polytechnic by a female student named Brookelyn, who attended one of Sam’s lectures on sexuality and kinkiness.

After teaching students how to tie up and choke each other, Brinton encouraged the students to demonstrate on one another. At one point, the woman reveals that Brinton hit her so hard with a carbon fiber metal rod he left her with a welt the lasted for days.

Of course, anyone could say “what if she wants or deserves to be hit? Doesn’t that make it ok?”

This creates 2 problems. One, it means you’re using the same thinking that rapists and other abusers use to justify their violence against women. And two, just because a person wants to be assaulted does not make that behavior ok … if you have a conscience, you probably already know this.

There are all sorts of women out there being beat up in the world who honestly believe they deserve it.

Though Brinton may claim he was a victim, he is actually the one promoting sexualized violence toward both men and women, and even celebrating how he dehumanizes others.

Do not give to the National Center for Lesbian Rights until they completely cut ties with anyone who celebrates violent assault or the dehumanization of others. It’s wrong.