December, 2017- Mass. legislators halt vote after gruesome details emerge on spokesman for National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Massachusetts legislators have just postponed to soon debate a bill whether to ban therapy which encourages children to develop in a heterosexual direction.

A prominent advocate of the bill, Sam Brinton, uses his personal experiences to promote the bill. Brinton, a spokesman for The National Center for Lesbian Rights, claims he was given electric shocks by a licensed therapist who tried to "make him straight." Brinton has told his story across the United States and before a United Nations committee on torture. His testimony has been used to promote therapy bans across the U.S. to ensure that no gender-confused child receives guidance in a heterosexual direction.

A closer look at Brinton’s statements raise serious questions about their veracity and call into question his credibility.

Brinton (who requests a speaking fee to tell his story) tells an inconsistent account of his experiences which frequently changes depending upon his audience. First, he claimed he spent 2 or 3 years in “torture therapy” with a religious therapist when he was 10 years old and, when asked who his therapist was, he claims he “can’t remember." But when speaking to donors, he claims the therapy took place with a licensed therapist “a couple years ago” (Brinton is now 25).

The legislation Brinton is promoting would do nothing to prevent clients from suffering a “torture experience,” if indeed such an experience occurred. The new legislation is designed to shut down licensed, professional therapists who could offer the legitimate option of a child exploring a heterosexual direction and being affirmed in that choice.

Brinton has publicly celebrated simulated bestiality and sado-masochism (photos are included in this film). This calls into question his assumed role as a trustworthy, legitimate voice for the well-being of children. Will the rights of gender-confused children be decided by families, or by Brinton and gay-activist politicians?